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Best Camping Flashlights

Camping Flashlights

The Best Flashlight I Have Ever Owned! The Browning Stoke 2.0 USB Rechargeable flashlight is the perfect all around flashlight. It fits nicely in your hand, as it is just the right size. It’s a smaller flashlight, but at 1020 Lumens it is brighter than my larger flashlights. This is an LED dual fuel flashlight, which means that it comes with a USB rechargeable battery, or you can also use single use batteries, which are sold separately. It has an incredible amount of hand held power. The Stoke is the perfect evolution of LED and rechargeable technology. It provides an incredibly high light output or long-lasting continuous runtime in the same package if you switch from high, to medium or low. It also has a strobe setting for emergency situations. It has an aluminum housing, which makes it tough and lightweight, and it helps to keep the light cool in spite of the high energy beam it puts out. It has an adjustable bezel, which allows you to focus the beam to your needs to give you a tight long shooting beam or a wide closer range beam, all with an amazing amount of light, which makes it a spotlight up to 260 yards, or a floodlight. The USB charger is built into the light; no bulky charger cables or packs. The Browning Stoke USB Rechargeable Flashlight is water-resistant and runs up to 2 hours on high or 48 hours on low. It has 1020 lumens on max, and 10 lumens on low. One of it’s best features is that it can use either the included high-performance USB rechargeable battery (USB charger is built into the light) or a standard set of single use CR123A batteries (purchased separately). I like to use the USB rechargeable battery, but just in case I do like that it also allows me to pack some of the CR123A batteries to ensure that I have additional batteries just in case I can’t use the USB charger in my truck or from my portable battery pack. It’s really nice to have the peace of mind to know that I have both options available depending on the need. In the past, lights using rechargeable batteries required specialized and often bulky chargers and cables, but with the built in USB Charge capability, it allows you to use standard Micro USB cables to plug into the light directly or even directly into the battery to quickly top off your charge with home and car cables/charges that you already have on hand. This light is considered as having dual fuel. The rechargeable batteries save money and are capable of higher light output, but are susceptible to power drain while not in use and are not always practical for use in the field. The Dual Fuel design concept allows lights to run off of rechargeable or single use batteries, increasing the capability of your lights and giving you the best of both worlds. Hands down, this is the best flashlight that I have ever owned. It is the strongest, most durable, with the highest light output that I have personally seen in a handheld flashlight. It is brighter than my old trusty four D cell battery powered flashlight, but without the extra weight and the large size. This flashlight fits easily into my hand, it feels perfect, it feels strong, and it just feels right. I don’t usually splurge on myself and spend over fourty bucks for a flashlight, but this is the best purchase that I have ever made for a flashlight, and I expect it will also be the longest lasting by the quality workmanship that went into the design and manufacturing of this flashlight. Key Qualities to Look for in a Great Flashlight High Lumen Count of 800+ LED Bulb for Longevity and Durability Water Resistant Durable USB Rechargeable Aluminum Body for Durability Browning Stoke USB Flashlight White LED offers 18 to 1000 lumens of bright light USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery, 500 cycle rated Dual Fuel: can also run on 2 CR123A batteries Light, durable aluminum + non-slip ribbed surface Water-resistant & drop-tested to 1 meter Camping USB Flashlights Browning Stoke USB Rechargeable Flashlight Browning Blackout 3V USB Rechargeable Flashlight Browning Crossfire USB Rechargeable Flashlight Browning Crossfire 1AA USB Rechargeable Flashlight Camping USB Flashlights Streamlight Protac HL 5 X Flashlight with Protac HL 5 X USB Batteries Streamlight MicroStream USB Ultracompact Rechargeable Flashlight Streamlilght Enduro Pro USB Headlamp Streamlight ProTac HL USB High Lumen USB Rechargeable Tactical Light NITECORE R40 v2 1200 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight Kit LED: CREE XP-L2 V6 Brightness: 1200 Lumen Battery: NL2150DW 5000mAh 21700 See more camping gear in our Camping Gear and Supplies store. 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Best Camping Flashlight
NITECORE R40 v2 1200 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight
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