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Best Camping Generators

Camping Generators

Product Spotlight: Best Camping Generators A Generator is Great for Camping, and as a Backup Power Source at Home A nice generator can be a life saver in a power outage at home, and if you buy a quiet generator, you can also use it camping, or in your RV. When my power goes out, I take my camping generator out of the garage and set it on my back porch, and run an extension cord to my refrigerator, my garage freezer, and a few other things that make the power outage less painful for the family. I will run it to a lamp in the living room, the TV, and the Playstation so the kids have something to do. Especially in times like these where utility companies are shutting off the power for days at a time any time there are high winds in the forecast. For camping, a generator is great to have for powering up the RV at full capacity, and for tent camping you can power whatever it is that will make the camping trip a little more comfortable. I bring a microwave when I bring the family, so my generator is perfect for that. I have a few kids that need some breathing treatments that we use the generator for as well. You can also power up some lighting, and a blender for some nice mixed drinks, the possibilities are endless. In a campground, though, it’s important to get the quiet generator so it’s not a loud annoying sound when you are running the generator. Key Qualities to Look for in a Great Camping Generator Minimum 1800 Watts Many campgrounds have a maximum sound DB of 68 Variable automated throttle (eco throttle) so it will rev up and down based on the power consumption need 60 pound weight is easy to carry Best Camping Generators
Best Camping Generators Ultra Quiet
Best Camping Generators
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