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Best Camping Ice Chest Coolers

Camping Ice Chest Coolers

Product Spotlight: Camping Coolers and Ice Chests It’s important to have a good quality ice chest or camping cooler when you are camping to keep your food fresh, to keep your ice for many days, and to keep your beverages cold. The cheap low end cooler will only keep ice for a day or two, but these high quality coolers can keep your ice for five to seven days, to last your whole camping trip without having to make trips down to the store to buy more ice. Features to Look For: Size - Big enough for all your food and drinks Durability - Strong enough to last year after year Insulation - Well insulated to keep your stuff cold and so your ice will last Convenience - Wheels, or lightening as an example can be a nice addition Cooler Size The size of the cooler is important, from both a “big enough” and a “small enough” perspective. A large cooler is great so that it can hold all your food, and drinks, as well as a big block of ice, and lots of ice around your perishables. If you are limited on space, and don’t carry much in your cooler, you may opt for the smaller sized coolers to save on space and weight if you have to carry it for a distance. Cooler Durability One of the worst things you can do is to buy a cooler that won’t last more than a season or two. The typical thing that breaks on a cooler is the hinges and the clamp that keeps the cooler closed. The higher end coolers will have these parts made with metal for durability as the typical plastic ones will break over time. Then if you are like me, you will lose your cooler lid on the way to your camping destination. The good news for this is that they do sell after market hinges and brackets that you can add to your cooler that will run you about twenty to forty bucks, if you break your plastic hinges, so that you can replace them. Cooler Insulation A higher end ice chest will be thicker and have more insulation so that your ice can last five to seven days, depending on the model. Buying a higher quality cooler with more insulation is worth the up front cost, because it will save you money in the long run by not having to buy so much ice and not have to make several trips to the store while you are on your camping trip. It is so worth it! Cooler Convenience There are some additional features that are nice to haves if you are looking for some extra convenience or ambiance items. A few examples are wheels, to help you wheel your ice chest around instead of carrying all the extra weight in your arms. Lighting is very nice to have, though a nice headlamp will also do the trick. It is also nice to have trays, dividers, or a split lid, depending on how you prefer to use your cooler. A seat cushion on top of the cooler is also a nice to have feature so you can have an extra seat around the camp fire, on your boat, or when you are fishing from shore on your favorite lake. Coleman Optimaxx XP H2O 200-Quart Marine Cooler Large Selection of High Quality Coolers
Coleman Optimaxx XP H2O 200-Quart Marine Cooler
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