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Best Fishing Gifts for Men

Fishing Gifts for Men If you are like me, you like to take the time to find the perfect gift for people that you care about. I have spent a lot of time throughout the years looking up those other gift recommendation lists, and for me, they never have the perfect gifts. To be quite honest they never have anything close to what I’m looking for. So in this three part series, my family has come together to put a list together of the perfect gifts for the ones you love. The reason why we are all going to work on each page, is so that I will look for the gifts that I know that I would want for me personally, creating the perfect gift list for women to buy their husbands that enjoy fishing. My wife will be putting the list together for things that she would want for her personally, so that men will have a good resource for the perfect gift for their wives, and our kids will be putting together the perfect list of items that they would like for gifts for their fishing adventures. I hope that this list will help you, like it would help me, to find the perfect gifts for the amazing people that you have in your life as well. Cliq - The Bottle Sized Chair for Anywhere This chair weighs only 3.65 pounds, and is the size of a water bottle when it is folded up. Buy 1 chair, 2 chairs, 4 chairs, or a 6 pack of chairs. The more you buy, the bigger discount you receive. Digital Fish Scale Rapala is the best name in digital scales. There are two scales that peak my interest. The first one is the 50lb digital fish scale lip gripper. I like this scale because I can both control the fish and weigh it at the same time. The only draw back to this is it is a little larger in size than my second choice digital scale. It is still my favorite, and I use it every where I go, except for small creeks and rivers for trout. In that instance, I use my second choice scale, which is also made by rapala. The Rapala touch screen scale is a 50lb scale that is smaller and lighter to fit in my fishing bag on the lighter fishing trips. This scale has a backlight display for easy viewing, and has a memory to store the weight of each fish you want to weigh and keep the weight in memory for a look back on the days catch at the end of the day. Both scales are made by Rapala, and are the best digital scales I have been able to find. I have them both, and use them both throughout the year. Fish Scales ConnectScale Bluetooth Digital Fish Scale Brecknell MLF Tournament Fish Scale Rapala Digital Scale and Fish Gripper Rapala 50 lb. High Contract Digital Fish Scale Fillet Knife Fillet knives are a great gift for any fisherman. There are two fillet knives that really stand out to me as my favorite. The new Rapala lithium ion cordless fillet knife combo set is my top pick. This cordless fillet knife set comes with two lithium ion batteries, 6" & 7-1/2" reciprocating style blades, wall charger, all packed into convenient EVA padded storage case. Comfortable, relaxed grip provides fatigue free filleting, while advanced air flow body design keeps engine running cool and smooth. This fillet knife is perfect to take with you on any fishing trip, the extra battery helps for when you are cleaning a boat load of fish, all stored neatly in it’s own case. This is really a great fillet knife. The second fillet knife is a combo set that comes with fishing pliers. These pliers and this fillet knife are amazing. The fillet knife is has a soft grip handle, which is much easier on the hands when you are filleting several fish at a time. It’s a hard choice between the two knife sets. The lithium ion is the newest latest greatest thing, is a little bulker, but not much, but the price is much higher. The cordless fillet knife is nice to have in situations where you have a good size cutting board or surface to work through more than a few large fish. The smaller size of the soft grip fillet knife is nice to throw in my fishing bag, and I can fillet fish on any surface. The pliers are also an added bonus, as it makes easy work of pulling hooks out of the fish when you catch them. Electric and Cordless Fish Fillet Knife Bubba Lithium Ion Cordless Fish Fillet Knife Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fish Fillet Knife Combo American Angler Pro Titanium Electric Fish Fillet Knife Bubba 110V Electric Fillet Knife Line Scissors When it comes to fishing, one of the most important tools is a good line cutter. No matter what kind of line you use, the Rapala precision line scissors have worked the best for me. These excel at cutting and trimming micro super lines, as well as all other traditional fishing lines. Super lines are tough on a pair of scissors, dulling the blades in record time. This pair features stainless steel blades with premium titanium coating that extends the life of the blades up to 15 times longer than other models. Fishing Tools and Pliers Cuda Titanium Bonded Pliers Rapala Performance Tool Combo Manley 5 inch Black Oxide Super Pliers BPS XPS Fish Lipper Scale Lure Kit Multi Packs It’s hard to find the perfect lure for any fisherman. There are literally thousands up types, styles, and colors. My favorite thing to receive as a gift is a Lure Kit or Multi Pack kit of lures. My favorite multi packs are listed below. Fishing Lure Multi Packs Panther Martin Bass & Trout Annihilator Lure Kit Cabela’s Shallow Suspending Shad 6 Pack Lure Kit Cabela’s Walleye Runner 6 Pack Lure Kit Panther Martin Fish See UV 6 Pack Spinner Lure Kit Tackle Storage Now it’s time to talk about where to store the gear. I prefer the tackle bag for most types of fishing. I like to be able to throw the strap over my shoulder and carry it with me to my fishing spot, or to the boat. The larger size tackle bags can hold several utility boxes to organize his lures and hardware. I do also like the hard sided tackle boxes as well, but I like the ones that can also store utility boxes for organized storage of my fishing gear. I buy extra utility boxes to be able to swap out different boxes for different kinds of targeted fishing trips. Fishing Tackle Bags Daiwa Tactical Fishing Backpack Lunkerhunt LTS Avid Fishing Backpack Flambeau Portage Backpack EGO Fishing Tackle Bag Action Heat - Heated Jackets ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Jacket for Men Warriors Tackle Supply - Fishing Lure Gift Pack One Time Purchase or Monthly Gift Subscription BBQ Box Gift Subscription 1, 3, 6, or 12 Month Subscription Craft Jerky Club Subscription Click Below LoLJerky Club Subscription Click Below Lobster Anywhere Gift Certificate Click Below The Bro Basket - Men’s Gifts Click Below Grill Master’s Club Click Below Nebraska Star Beef All-Natural Wagyu Beef Bulk Meat Package Omaha Steaks Click Below Vital Choice - Seafood of the Month Club Click Below Disclosure: This post is brought to you by the Mendenhall Outdoors team. We highlight products and services that you might find interesting. We frequently receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test. 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Best Fishing Gifts for Men
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