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Best Fishing Lure Kits

Multi-Pack Fishing Lure Kits I have a large family that enjoys fishing, so I am always looking for good deals on fishing lures in order to keep enough lures on hand for the entire family. My kids are still young, so they tend to cast in snags on accident by occasion, both in and out of the water, haha. So we go through a lot of lures over each year’s fishing season. In looking for the best deals, I have found that buying lures that come in a lure kit, which three, six, twelve, or more lures, is a really good way to grow our collection as well as to give us a wide array of styles and colors for each of my seven fishing buddies to choose from. When buying these kits, you get a discount for buying more than one lure at a time, so the overall cost per lure goes down tremendously. Lure Kits and Multi Packs JAW Lures Mahi Mahi Slayer Lure Kit Mepps Piker Lure Kit Mepps Hot Piker Lure Kit JAW Lures Tuna Buster Lure Kit Williamson Lures Tuna Catcher Kit BPS Weekend Warrior Bass Kit Mepps Basser Lure Kit Panther Martin Deadly Dozen Spinner Kit One of the most exciting things that I have found is that there are usually at least one lure in every lure kit that I would not have bought, if I had bought the lures individually. At first this was a little disappointing, but though I wouldn’t choose certain styles or colors, my kids do. So, from that, what I have noticed is that they have changed my mind on those colors and styles because they end up catching fish, and it has widened my horizon on what makes a good lure color or style, and it has affected what I tend to use when out fishing. Now, I too, am catching fish that I would have never thought would be possible on different color patterns and lure styles. It’s kind of the same scenario when people buy those large mystery kit lure packages. These multi-pack lure kits give us the opportunity to use lures that we normally would not, and it expands our minds on what lures will work the best. Fishing is all about learning, and getting better at fishing, year over year. This is one more way that increases my luck, and skill, and also adds to the excitement of fishing by making it different, making it better. There is one thing to be careful of, that I wish someone had told me before I began buying large multi-pack lures in bulk. One Christmas, I bought the kids a no name brand pack of what looked like beautifully made, perfect lures. The kids were all excited, and it filled their tackle bags with over a hundred lures each of every shape, color, and style. Unfortunately, they were not a name brand, and were not very good quality. Some of them melted due to cheap plastics that could not handle even the warmer spring days, much less the summer heat. They didn’t swim right, and the hooks were not very strong. Needless to say, I learned my lesson from that experience. I recommend that you select only good name brand products, so you don’t fall into the trap of buying lures that don’t sell and get dumped on the market in large bulk quantities. A good name brand won’t do you wrong, and you will not have the bad experience that I did, and you won’t waste your money. Mepps Piker Lure Kit Mepps Killer Ultra Lite Lure Kit Carolina Lures Inline Yummee Bird Rigged Trolling Lure Kit Mepps Trouter Lure Kit Panther Martin Bass & Trout Annihilator Lure Kit Cabela’s Shallow Suspending Shad 6 Pack Lure Kit Cabela’s Walleye Runner 6 Pack Lure Kit Panther Martin Fish See UV 6 Pack Spinner Lure Kit In Conclusion - Buying lures in multi-pack, or lure kits, will save you money as you get a savings from buying multiple lures at once. This makes stocking up on your favorite lures more affordable, giving you more choices when you are out on the water. When buying any lures, it’s important that you look for quality products with good name brands from companies that spend money on Research and Development, tuning their lures to perfection. Don’t fall for cheap imitations! A good high quality lure is the difference between catching and fishing! Disclosure: This post is brought to you by the Mendenhall Outdoors team. We highlight products and services that you might find interesting. We frequently receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test. This does not drive our decision as to whether or not a product is featured or recommended. If you click a link on this page, then go on to make a purchase, we might receive a commission – at no extra cost to you, and does not impact the purchase price of any products that you may purchase.
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