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Best Fishing Tackle Bags

Fishing Tackle Bags

Getting your gear to your fishing spot, or onto your boat in an organized fashion makes for a less chaotic trip. It’s nice to have all your gear where you can reach in and grab exactly what you need without having to rummage through lots of gear. It’s good to invest some money into the perfect fishing backpack or fishing bag to make that happen. I really like the fishing backpack style where the weight is evenly distributed across my shoulders. I also like to have lots of different compartments to keep everything organized and just a quick grab away. The tackle backpacks with the utility boxes are excellent for organizing your lures, hooks, swivels, sinkers, and other gear. I buy extra utility boxes, and I label them for each type of fishing that I will do, and have them stocked, organized, and ready to go for each type of fishing. If I decide to troll for trout on a local lake, I have everything ready to swap out into my fishing backpack, and if I decide to troll for stripers, or do some surf fishing for halibut, perch, and lingcod, it’s a quick opening of the backpack, taking out the utility boxes from the previous trip, and slip the utility boxes with the day’s fishing adventure right in and I’m ready to go. I used to have to go through lots and lots of lures and swap things out amongst the different containers I store them in at home, but now it’s all ready to go. It’s also nice to have a bag that has a carabiner or clip for my keys, and it’s also easy enough to buy one separately and add it to your bag if your fishing bag or backpack doesn’t have one. With having five kids, it’s easy to lose my keys in my bag with the little hands that like to look through my fishing bag, looking for their next favorit lure to use. This saves me from having to scramble through my stuff trying to find my keys when we get back to the truck. Some fishing bags have lights and usb charging built right in, which is a nice feature. You never know when you weren’t planning to fish until dark, but when the fish are biting the fish are biting. Sometimes that “One More Cast” can keep me fishing later than expected. I don’t always remember to pack a flashlight just in case. So it’s nice to have the light built right in so you can have some light for those times when the darkness creeps up on you. To be able to charge your phone with a built in charger is nice too. Especially when you are taking some videos or photos with your phone, and use up the battery. Being able to charge it right there with no effort makes it nice so you can continue to capture those great moments on video with your friends and family. The fishing bags are great for boats, and do hold lots of gear. I have always used a large fishing bag, and for a lot of people a fishing bag is the best choice. For me, I have both, and I use both, in different situations. I found that when I fish on the shore, and I will be doing a lot of walking, that the weight being put on one shoulder with the strap was hurting my back. For shorter trips it was just fine, but when I walk a few miles when bass fishing the shoreline it was better to use the backpack to distribute the weight on both shoulders. I didn’t think I would like a fishing backpack, but my amazing wife, after a fishing trip when the extra weight in my fishing bag, hurt my back for a few days, she got one for me as a gift. I really like the backpack so much. There are still situations when I use my fishing bag, but for most of my fishing, I use the fishing backpack, and I haven’t hurt my back while fishing since I switched. One reason I liked the fishing bag option is that I have a large family, and the fishing bag can hold so much more gear, and snacks, and drinks. You can really load them up with everything you could possibly need for your trip. Your a little more limited with the backpack option, but maybe that’s a good thing. It is for me! 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