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Best Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Product Spotlight: Spinning Rod and Reel Fishing Combos Abu Garcia Revo S LTD Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo Introducing the limited edition Abu Garcia Revo S spinning and casting combos. Abu Garcia is one of the top manufactures with some of the best rods and reels on the market. The Revo S Limited edition rod and reel combo is packed with the top Abu Garcia features that their rod and reels are known for. For this model they have added custom rod grips by Winn for increased tackiness and a sure grip. This combo is offered in an assortment of colors to appeal to any angler! This is Abu Garcia’s top spinning rod and reel combo, the cream of the crop. It’s a little more expensive than their other rod and reel combo’s, but it’s well worth the extra cost for the quality and features they packed into this combo. The attention to detail they put into this rod and reel are amazing. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Combos Ugly Stik® GX2™ is the next generation of Ugly Stik® that combines the heritage and tradition of the original while maintaining the strength and durability Ugly Stiks® are known for. Ugly Stik® GX2™ rods offer better balance for lighter feel, improved components, and eye catching cosmetics for a more modern look versus the previous generation. These combos feature Ugly Tech™ construction, Ugly Tuff™ guides and the Ugly Stik® Clear Tip® design. 3 ball bearings plus one-way clutch instant anti-reverse bearing for smooth gear feel and quick hook sets Reel sizes 40 and 50 feature 2 ball bearings plus one-way clutch instant anti- reverse bearing When looking for your next rod and reel combo for your next fishing adventure, the most important features are rod strength, rod length, and material. Fishing is increasing in popularity each year, and the rod and reel manufacturers are always introducing new rods and reels with new features to appeal to more and more fishermen. Fishing Rod Weight The weight of the rod that you need is determined by the type of fish that you want to catch. There are three ratings for different rod types which are Fast Medium and Slow. This rating indicates how much the rod will bend and flex when it is loaded. Fast - A Fast rod is the stiffest of the three, and will only bend at the tip. Medium - A Medium Rod is the most popular type of rod and bends deeper down the backbone of the rod than the fast rod and will have flex to the middle of the rod. Slow - A Slow rod is the most flexible rod type, and it will bend all the way from the tip to the end of the rod Fishing Rod Material Rods are typically made out of fiberglass or graphite. A fishing rod can be tubular, which is lighter because the center of the rod is hollow, or it can be solid, which is a little heavier because it is a solid piece of material but because of that it can also handle larger fish with less chance of breaking. Fiberglass Rods require less maintenance, and our resistant to rust and corrosion. They are strong and flexible and great for beginners. Graphite Rods are lighter and stronger than a fiberglass rod, but they can be fragile in the sense that the tips will break easier if hit against a vehicle or boat. Freshwater vs Saltwater Fishing Rods Freshwater rods are typically water resistant, but they are not always corrosion resistant. Saltwater can be very hards on the materials of a rod that is not designated as a saltwater rod. A saltwater rod has features built into the rod that will extend the life of the rod in harsher conditions. Freshwater rods typically smaller, and are made for lighter line, because the fish that you are targeting are generally not as big as you will encounter in saltwater. A good rule of thumb for freshwater rod length is that a six to seven foot rod, depending on what you are fishing for, and what you are fishing with. Saltwater rods are much heavier duty, are corrosion resistant to the saltwater elements. They also can hold a heavier line. Freshwater Fishing Rods are water resistant, but not necessarily corrosion resistant from the harsh elements of saltwater fishing Saltwater Fishing Rods are water resistant and will resist corrosion from the harsh saltwater elements Conclusion When choosing a rod and reel you should match the size of the line for both the rod and reel. Buying a perfectly matched combo is the best bet as the manufacturer has thoroughly tested the rod and reel combo for the best features, the best fit, and the best look and feel. TackleDirect Silver Hook / Shimano Stradic FK Inshore Travel 3pc Spinning Rod Combos Okuma TXA-60 Trio Rex/CS-S-1002MHa Cedros Surf Spinning Combo Browse our Large Selection of Spinning Combos Disclosure: This post is brought to you by the Mendenhall Outdoors team. We highlight products and services that you might find interesting. We frequently receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test. This does not drive our decision as to whether or not a product is featured or recommended. If you click a link on this page, then go on to make a purchase, we might receive a commission – at no extra cost to you, and does not impact the purchase price of any products that you may purchase.
TackleDirect Silver Hook / Shimano Stradic FK Inshore Travel 3pc Spinning Fishing Rod Combos
Okuma TXA-60 Trio Rex/CS-S-1002MHa Cedros Surf Spinning Combo Fishing
Best Spinning Rod and Reel Combos
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