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Kelp Greenling Fishing

Fishing for Kelp Greenling

Fish Species Spotlight: Kelp Greenling Kelp Greenling Kelp Greenling are common along the west coast. I typically fish for them on sandy beaches next to rocky areas, within the kelp beds. You can also catch them along the jetty as well. World Record Kelp Greenling The world record sized Kelp Greenling ever caught, as per the International Game Fish Association, was caught in 2007 and it weighed in at 4 lb 0 oz. It was caught in Gulf of Alaska, Alaska, USA. Weight - 4 lb 0 oz Location - Gulf of Alaska, Alaska, USA Catch Date- 08-Jul-2007 Angler - Capt. Jay Wright Jr. State Record Big Fish can be found here. Kelp Greenling Fishing Tips and Techniques The good thing, like for many rock fish, is that kelp greenling are not hook shy. You can target them with bait including shrimp, sand crabs, sand shrimp, ghost shrimp, squid, baby octopus, and cracked mussels. You can also catch them with lures such as the sandworms from berkley gulp, as well as their nice Berkley Gulp Shrimp Assortment, and Peeler Crab assortment. Berkley Gulp also makes a saltwater Goby series that will work great as well. I will also use rubber worms, but I will cut them down to size a bit because I have lost a lot of kelp greenlings by biting off the squiggly tail, or the long part of the tail hanging off the hook too much. The best bait that I have had the most luck with in the past is squid. I slice my squid lengthwise in thirds and thread the squid on my hook like I would a rubber worm for bass. Their mouths are not that large so I would not use the head and tentacles. If you want to use any of the types of shrimp, you would want to thread the shrimp on the hook, if the shrimp is large you would want to cut the shrimp so it’s not too big. If your using the shrimp that looks more like a shrimp tail, you may want to brine your shrimp in non-iodized salt the night before to firm up the meat so it will stay on your hook better. Best Kelp Greenling Fishing Bait Shrimp Sand Shrimp Ghost Shrimp Squid Baby Octopus Crackled Mussels Sand Crabs Best Bait Recipe’s and Catch Your Own Brined & Dyed Bait Fish Recipe Catch Sand Crabs Fleas for Bait Make Your Own Ghost Shrimp Pump Salted Squid for Rock Fishing or Beach Fishing Shrimp and Prawn Bait Cure Recipe Best Kelp Greenling Fishing Lures Berkley Gulp Sandworm Berkley Gulp Shrimp Assortment Berkley Gulp Peeler Crab Berkley Gulp Pogy Rubber Worms, cut to size Berkley Gulp! Sandworm Kelp Greenling Fishing Techniques I like to use a 1/0 or 2/0 hook with a three or four ounce disc sinker. To catch Kelp Greenling you will want to cast around rocks popping up out of the water, along rock edges, or in thick rocky seaweed beds. The best spots are where the sand meets the rocky areas. The Kelp Greenling will be holding close to the bottom, so having your bait on the bottom is crucial in order to present your bait properly. Tie the hook to your line with a three way swivel. Use a twelve inch leader to the hook, and an eighteen inch leader down to the sinker. Make sure to keep your line tight so that you will feel the bites and can set the hook. If you don’t get a hit, reel in your line, and cast into another spot within just a few minutes. With bait or lures, you will want to cast your line in an opening in the middle of the seaweed to lessen the risk of getting snagged. Once you feel the hit, which will be like a do do do type bite, similar to a stream trout but bigger, set that hook and reel it in quickly to avoid giving them the chance to get you snagged. I like to bring a five gallon bucket and with my first fish that I decide to keep I will put enough sea water in the bucket to cover several fish that I intend to catch and keep. You don’t want to leave the fish in the bucket too long before you clean them, especially on warm days. I slice out the gill when I put them in the bucket to bleed them for the best tasting meat possible. Then clean them and throw them on ice to keep them fresh and delicious. Be sure to check your state’s regulations for legal size and bag limit. Kelp Greenling are delicious fried or baked. You can even make fish tacos with them that are amazing. Berkley Gulp Sand Crab Flea My Daughter Lauren and Her Kelp Greenling in Bodega Bay, CA Here’s a picture of one of my five little fishing buddies. My daughter Lauren’s Kelp Greenling that she caught in Bodega Bay, CA. We were rock fishing with the family, and she enticed this one with some squid. It’s always a great day when you can make smiles like this for the memory book. Nice Job Lauren! My Daughter Lauren’s Kelp Greenling Caught at Bodega Bay, CA See more fishing tackle in our Fishing Gear and Tackle store. 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