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Fly Fishing - Flies and Fly Tying Supplies

Fly Fishing is a specialized technique for catching fish where the bait, which typically looks like a fly, is presented to the fish. The idea behind fly fishing is designed to appear to the fish as if a bug has landed on the top of the water or slightly below the waters surface to entice a strike. The goal is to try to find a fly that matches the hatch or bait fish in the area.

Fly Fishing - Types of Flies

In fly fishing, the fly is the bait that you use to entice the fish to strike. There really are thousands of different flies on the market, though they usually fall into three different types of flies. The most common types of flies are Dry flies, Nymphs, and Streamers. Dry Flies are the most widely used. They are designed to present on top the water and mimic a fly or bug landing on the surface of the water to entice a fish to strike. Nymphs are designed to float just below the surface of the water to mimic a water invertebrate. Streamers are designed to mimic a small fish or other aquatic life, like baitfish, crayfish, leeches, and large aquatic insects like hellgrammites. It is important to match the type of fly you use to the water conditions, location and type of fish that you are trying to catch. You can usually get good information on what types of flies to use at local bait stores in the area you are going to fish, or a little online research in a fishing forum, or other online research. Fly Assortment Rainy's Wooly Bugger Fly Assortment Rainy's 10 Piece CF Baitfish Fly Assortment Cabela's 14 Piece Alaska King Salmon Fly Assortment Dry Flies Cabela’s Mosquito Fly Cabela’s Blue Winged Olive Flies Cabela’s Elk Hair Caddis Flies Rainy’s X-Fly Parachute Fly Fly Tying Kits White River Fly Shop Masters Zebra Midge Fly Tying Kit White River Fly Shop Masters Foam Spider Fly Tying Kit White River Fly Shop Masters San Juan Worm Fly Tying Kit White River Fly Shop Masters Woolly Bugger Fly Tying Kit Nymph Flies Cabela’s Bead Head Pheasant Tail Nymph Flies Montana Fly Company Hare’s Ear Flies Cabela’s Bead Head Prince Nymph Flies Cabela’s Tungsten Zebra Midge Flies Saltwater Flies Umpqua Saltwater Popper Rainy’s Merkin Crab Fly Rainy’s Gotcha Bonefish Fly Rainy’s Avalon Fly Streamer Flies Cabela’s Pine Squirrel Leech Flies Cabela’s Bead Head Autumn Wooly Bugger Flies Rainy’s Empie’s Deadly Shinder Fly Assortment Cabela’s Bead Head Crystal Wooly Bugger Flies Synthetic and Terrestrial Flies Cabela’s Grand Hopper Fly Cabela’s Cricket Fly Betts Bass Bug Popper Flies Betts Black Ant Flies Warmwater Flies Rainy’s CB Bass Pop Fly Assortment Rainy’s Edmond’s Stealth Bomber Fly Assortment Rainy’s Carp Tease Fly Assortment Rainy’s J’s Frogman Fly Assortment Click the “Shop Now” Button to browse the full fly assortment.

Fly Fishing - Fly Tying Tools and Supplies

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Fly Fishing - Flies and Fly Tying Supplies
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