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How to make a stinger hook for trolling

How to Make a Stinger for Trolling by Matt Stinger hooks are great for catching those fish that strike the end of the lure and miss the normal hooks. To make a stinger hook, the first thing you have to do is take the end treble hook off and remove the split ring from your trolling lure. You'll need a new treble hook and I like the set lock trebles hooks. New hook and 60# split ring and a small piece of 65# braided line and a 60# barrel swivel Tie your hook end first and thread with a regular hook. Untie and Snell your treble on the end, placing one of the three points into the worm trailer. Tie the swivel end by bunching the worm up on the line. Place the split ring on the lure and attach the stinger! For trailer worms and chubs I use Strike King! They make the best plastics for these types of applications. Very soft and pliable, so you wont lose so many worms. With this stinger you wont lose many worms. This also works with a single hook but seems to swim more true with a treble that has been centered in the worm. Some of the single hooks jeopardize the action of the lure. The singles are much easier to use as you could imagine. But its all about the wiggle! Some people said this is too much work for the trouble. It actually only takes about 5-6 minutes to make a few of these. It took me two years to come up with the Idea! It works better with three hook lures but I used a YoZuri two hook lure to take these pics. The space between the hooks gets too far but the three hook lures have the middle coverage where as the two makes for a greater space between hooks. Stinger Hooks
stinger hook for trolling
Trolling Stinger Hook
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