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What To Look For When Buying Ammo

When buying ammo for home protection, target practice, or hunting, there are a lot of different types and brands to choose from. Some states have different rules and regulations that make buying ammo a bit more difficult, and a bit more expensive. Parts of a Bullet Cartridge A bullet cartridge is made up of four components, the case, a primer, some gun powder for the propellant, and a projectile. Bullet Cartridge Components Case Primer Gun Powder Projectile Case The bullet case is typically made from steel, brass, or nickel. Primer This primer is the ignition for the propellent which fires the projectile through the gun barrel. Powder Propellant The propellant in a bullet cartridge is gun powder, which is highly flammable, and ignites when the primer goes off to fire the projectile through the gun barrel. Projectile The projectile is the actual bullet that shoots out of the gun to hit the object or animal that you are aiming at. The Projectile has for the longest time been made of lead, but with advancements in technology the industry is moving more towards non-lead bullets. Lead bullets fragment when they hit their target, where as non-lead bullets stay together. Non-lead bullets are typically made of copper or a copper alloy. Non-lead ammo is more expensive, and they typically come in smaller quantities in a package. Types of Bullets Bullets come in a variety of different, each of which are used for different purposes. Examples of bullet types are shown below: Lead Round Nose (LRN) - The cheapest and most common type of bullets. The bullet is made of lead, and is rounded. It has no copper or hard metal jacket. Wad Cutter (WC) - Is a flat nosed bullet with no taper. It is crimped totally into the case, it is a big lead plug inside the cartridge that doesn't stick out above the shoulder of the case. Semi Wad Cutter (SWC) - Is an all-purpose bullet commonly used in revolvers and pistols. The SWC combines the features of the wadcutter bullet and traditional round nosed revolver bullets. It is used in revolver and pistol cartridges for hunting and target shooting Semi-Jacketed (SJ) - Unlike a full metal jacket that completely encases the bullet in a coating of metal alloy, the semi-jacketed leaves a portion exposed that expands on impact that creates a greater surface area for the most damage. The semi-jacketed bullet fouls up the barrel of a firearm less than non-jacketed bullets do. Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) - Has a projectile consisting of a soft core, which is often lead, encased in an outer shell or jacket of harder metal. The bullet jacket allows for higher muzzle velocities than bare lead without depositing significant amounts of metal into the bore, which lessens damage to the barrel over time. Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP) - Is a bullet designed to give you all the stopping power and expansion of a normal hollow point bullet, but gives you more penetration. The partial jacket creates a uniform mushrooming effect of the bullet upon impact with a target. Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) - Benefits performance by providing smoother feeding in a semi-automatic weapon, which lessens the rate at which the bore fouls. This design increases the penetration of the target, and controls the expansion of the bullet so that it occurs in a reliable fashion. Soft Point (SP) - The soft point bullet tip is exposed lead. Armor Piercing (AP) - The armor piercing bullet is composed of alloy instead of lead. Boat Tail (BT) - The boat tail bullet is where the rear end of the cartridge is tapered to stabilize the projectile during flight. Boat Tail Hollow Point (BTHP) - A combination of the boat tail and hollow point bullet features. 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