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When I was just learning how to hunt as a young guy, I had an opportunity to try my first out of state hunt. I had several months to prepare for this hunt. Like pretty much all hunters, when I have to wait out the calendar for a good hunt, I like to think about the hunt, my plan for the hunt, buy supplies and then more supplies. This hunt was an exciting hunt for me, as we had a fairly good size group of us going. My brothers, my uncle, my dad, my great grandfather, and some friends were all going to be part of this two week hunting trip. So, I was very much looking forward to the trip, and my brain went to work. In researching the trip, and talking to my dad who had hunted this same hunting land before, I knew we would have our walking legs on and put in some really long hikes looking for some trophy bucks. I knew some of the shots would be fairly distant out across the rolling hills of desert. One thing I knew I wanted for this trip was a shooting stick, to stabilize my shot, so I would have good shot placement when the opportunity arose. I put my plan into action. They didn’t have much for shooting sticks on the market back then, so my plan was to make one. I took an old handle from one of my broken yard tools, and made a top for it that would hold my rifle barrel nicely. It was stable, solid, and was exactly what I needed. I threw it in my gear pile, all set and ready for my upcoming hunting trip. Our hunting trip was amazing. I was 14 years old, and it was my first year of being of legal age to hunt in Utah. I got my first shot at a deer with a rifle ever on that trip, and I used my shooting stick. I pounded that buck straight through the heart at 200 yards, as my dad had taught me, and he was down instantly. A perfect kill shot, the buck did not suffer at all. That wasn’t even the best part. The best part was that my Dad was standing right there next to me when I got my first buck, and that moment, and that trip is burned into my memory as if it was yesterday. Another great memory, with a million other memories, where my Dad taught me, and showed me, how to get it done! We field dressed the buck, and celebrated the success. I was the talk of the camp for that evening, as I crossed over into the side of successful hunters in the group, and it was my first one ever. I was nicknamed as One Shot Mike. The next year, I brought my hunting stick along as well, but this time there was a new label on that bad boy, it said in big bold letters along the shaft “One Shot Mike”. In my second year of deer hunting in Utah, with my One Shot Mike shooting stick planted firmly against the ground, I had the opportunity to crack off another shot at my second buck ever, and I was two for two! Fast forward over thirty years. There have been so many technology advances in shooting sticks for deer hunting. I don’t have my old shooting stick anymore, I have upgraded to the Primos Trigger Stick. I have owned several shooting tripods, bipods, and monopod shooting sticks, and this one is the best, for many reasons. Types of Shooting Sticks Monopod - Single Leg Bipod - Two Legs Tripod - Three Legs Monopod Shooting Stick A Monopod shooting stick has a single leg, which means you have to hold it in place. They shrink up nicely to make for easy carry. The drawback to them is that they don’t stand on their own, but the big benifit to them is that they can fold up so small. Bipod Shooting Stick A little bit of an upgrade from the monopod, the bipod shooting stick provides a little more stability with the second leg being added. The bipod shooting stick is a little more bulky, but still folds up nicely. Tripod Shooting Stick The tripod shooting stick is the most stable shooting stick, with the addition of the third leg. It still folds up nicely, though it is a little more bulky. It still straps nicely to my hunting backpack. The tripod shooting stick can stand on it’s own. This makes it the clear winner in my book. Depending on which ones you get, You can mount your binoculars, or spotting scope to the tripod, so you can have total stability in your vision when you are scouting and glassing for bucks. Best Choice: Primos Tripod Trigger Stick The Primos Tripod Trigger Stick is the clear winner. I have lost the chance at a shot at several big bucks over the years with other bipod and tripod shooting sticks due to the fact that I couldn’t get my trigger stick legs all setup for the shot. My previous trigger sticks were very difficult to pull out the legs, losing precious seconds that cost me my chance at a good shot. One model had twelve places for me to adjust the tripod, four on each leg. You can imagine what kind of mess that was in the heat of the moment as buck fever sets in as you are staring at a big buck. The last time that happened to me was about six years ago. When I got home from that missed chance, I threw that shooting stick in the garage and have never used it again. I did some research and found the Primos Tripod Trigger Stick. With the trigger system your trigger stick is up and in position in an instant. Even on sloped ground, when you pull the trigger, the legs adjust automatically up or down, independently, all at once, so each leg is at the right length for where you have it positioned. In that example, one leg may be out longer, while the other two shorter, to make it even and stable on any slope or solid flat ground. It is truly amazing. 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