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With the price of fish and seafood, and in times where we have seen that we can’t always depend on store shelves being full of what we need when we have hiccups in the global markets, it’s time to start thinking for unique ways to grow the food that our family needs to be able to have our own self sustaining food supplies. An aquaponic garden and fish farming together create this new and exciting way for more and more people to take up this type of gardening. The initial investment can be a bit pricey, but the ongoing self sustaining food supply delivered to the table each month quickly enable you to recoup the costs, and even find ways to save money each month. Especially if you go solar, so the pumps, filters, and air compressors running 24 hours a day won’t bump up your electricity bills. Popular Types of Fish to Farm Tilapia Trout Perch Catfish Barramundi Bass Crustaceans Koi and Goldfish Tilapia Grows to good eating size in 6 to 9 months Warm water aquaponics fish that is easy to breed and grows fast Trout Grows to good eating size in 12 to 16 months Cold water fish that requires high dissolved oxygen levels, and PH monitoring Perch Grows to good eating size in 9 to 16 months Hardy, adaptable aquaponics fish Catfish Grows to good eating size in 5 to 10 months Fast growing fish, though sensitive to temps, water quality, and PH levels Barramundi Grows to good eating size in 12 months Bass Grows to good eating size in 12 to 18 months Requires constant monitoring to maintain proper water conditions Crustaceans Grows to good eating size in: Prawns - 6 to 12 months Lobsters - 24 months Oysters - 24 months Crustaceans feed on organic plant matter and help to keep the tank clean Koi and Goldfish Not edible, but live a long time and help to keep the tank clean Hardy and more resistant to parasites
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