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There is nothing that beats the fresh, and flavorful, taste of your own fruits and vegetables from a home grown garden. The reason why a home grown garden is so delicious and flavorful is because you can do amazing things to grow the perfect fruits and vegetables by starting with good soil, and add nutrients to the soil, and more. Commercial soils are typically depleted of good nutrients and they just don’t taste as good as a good home grown vegetables, and fruits. There are so many amazing advancements in farming and gardening technologies, and so many different types of gardening these days to add to the fun. The possibilities are limitless, from standard gardening, to raised beds, to greenhouses, and for the latest in technologies you can upgrade to hydroponics gardening, and aquaponics farming. The type of garden to use depends on how much space your have, whether you want it to be indoors, or outdoors, and we will go over each of these below.

Types of Gardens

Outdoor Garden Outdoor Garden with Raised Beds Greenhouse Garden Hydroponic Garden Countertop Hydroponic Garden Aquaponic Garden and Fish Farming Outdoor Garden An outdoor garden is the standard garden that can be as simple, or as extravagant as you would like it to be. Using a watering source from as simple as a bucket or a hose, to a sprinkler, or drip system, and planting your seeds right into the soil. The soil can be improved each season by using a rototiller, and adding nutrients to the soil to blend it in and mix the soil up to be ready for a new season. The garden can be enhanced by adding fencing, drip systems, sprinklers, and more. Outdoor Garden with Raised Beds If you have bad soil, or if you are unable to dig down into your soil, adding raised beds into a garden gives you a more controllable environment to grow in. You can buy raised beds, or you can build them out of any type of materials that can hold the soil. Then fill the beds with soil, and they are ready to plant. Raised beds act as a barrier to pests like slugs and snail, they keep pathway weeds from your garden soil, prevent the soil from getting compacted, and will provide good drainage to keep your garden healthy. Greenhouse Garden A greenhouse is a structure or building with walls and roof made chiefly of transparent material, such as glass, plastic film, or plexiglass in which plants that need a more regulated climate are grown. Greenhouses come in all shapes and sizes, and you can build your own as well. The interior of a greenhouse, due to the clear exterior is exposed to sunlight which makes the internal temparature warmer than the external temperature to protect your plants in times of cold weather. Greenhouse Garden - Click Here Hydroponic Garden A Hydroponic Garden is a system where plants grow through a process called photosynthesis, which is where they use sunlight (or an LED equivalent of sunlight) along with a chemical in their leaves called chlorophyll to convert carbon dioxide from the air and water into glucose (a type of sugar) and oxygen. Three is no soil, or dirt, anywhere in the system. Plants don’t need soil, they just need water and nutrients. FarmStand Hydroponic Garden - Click Here Countertop Hydroponic Garden A nice addition to my garden was an indoor countertop hydroponic garden. They are very simple to use, there is no soil, and no mess. It’s an all inclusive unit, with seed pods that you add seedss to (spongelike aterial), and set the lighting, and your all set. They come in many different sizes from a small flower unit that makes a nice addition to the kitchen counter, to larger pod systems that can raise 10 to 20 or more vegetable plants. Depending on your budget, you could have the equivalent of a full outside garden setup in each of the different rooms in your house. Very easy to maintain, and manage. My little super hero gardener sidekick didn’t come with the unit, but he sure does help out a bunch in the picking, and eating of our bell peppers as seen in the picture above. My family really enjoys our gardening with these larger sized counter top units. They make floor standing units that are even up to ten times the size of this one. They provide all the lighting with their built in LED programmable lighting system, you just add and maintain the water level, add nutrients when the unit tells you to, and pick the veggies when they are ready. Hydroponic Garden vs Aquaponic Garden Hydroponics and Aquaponics are very similar, but they are different in how the water is used in the system. Aquaponics uses water from raising fish, adding to your self sustaining garden the ability to raise fish for food, or pets, at the same time, while using nutrients from the water from raising the fish to feed and water the plants. Aquaponic Garden and Fish Farming An Aquaponic Garden is the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. It is a type of hydroponic system that uses water from the fish raised water (aquaculture). This water is a highly nutrient solution for the plants to thrive in. Water from the aquaculture tanks, basically like having a large fish tank, are pumped to plants containing reservoirs. These reservoirs have bacteria living in there that will convert ammonia and nitrite from the fish water into nitrate. Plants take up this nutrient rich water, and the filtered clean water is once again returned to the fish tanks. It’s like having a full circle biosystem. The types of fish used for this purpose typically includes your standard aquarium type fish (goldfish, guppies, koi, tetra), Tilapia, Trout, (commonly used), Trout, Carp, Freshwater Prawns, etc. You can grow just about anything, including vegetables like lettuce, beans, spinach, cucumber, etc., as well as herbs such as basil, thyme, lemongrass, parsley, etc., and fruits such as strawberries, watermelon, tomatoes and most garden varieties of flowering plants. More Info: Fish Farming with Aquaponic Garden
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