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There is nothing that beats the fresh, and flavorful, taste of your own fruits and vegetables from a home grown garden. Large outdoor gardens take up a lot of space, and require a lot of work to get ready and maintain throughout the year. This is where a hydroponics garden comes in. How Does a Hydroponic Garden Work A hydroponic garden is a garden that grows plants without the use of dirt or soil. Instead the seeds, and subsequent plants that grow from them, are typically suspended in a spongy type of medium that retains water, and water is circulated throughout the system to water the plants. Nutrients are added to the water, for the plants to grow their best. No dirt, no fuss, no mess. Hydro is the greek word for water, and that is what does all the work in this gardening system. The water delivers the nutrients to the plant roots. In regular gardens, plant roots get their nutrients from the soil. In a hydroponic garden, the nutrients are added to the water so plants have easier access to the nutrition that they need. The result is that plants in a hydroponic garden tent to grow large and beautiful very quickly. A hydroponic garden gives you higher yields, accelerated growth, and your plants, veggies, and fruits will have a better flavor. All hydroponic gardens have a reservoir or container to hold the water, and of course water which is needed to grow the plants, and nutrients are added to help the plants grow big and healthy. Some hydroponic gardens have a nutrient source built right into the system, such as using fish in an aquaponic fish farming setup. Many hydroponic gardens also include a water pump that is used to circulate the water, and a grow light so that the plants be grown indoors, in any season, no matter what the weather is like outside. This way you can grow your garden year round inside the comfort of your own home, no matter what season or months it is. Benefits of a Hydroponic Garden There are a lot of benefits that a hydroponics garden will provide. A hydroponics garden is quick and easy to setup, requires very little maintenance, takes up very ittle space. If your hydroponics garden comes with grow lights, or if you add a grow light, you can also grow indoors throughout the year with your hydroponics garden instead of being limited to spring and summer months. Benefits of a Hydroponics Garden Can be grown indoors Takes up very little space Easy to maintain Plants provide high yield No tilling or maintenance of dirt and soil Clean, self contained environment Easy to harvest your fruits and vegetables Great for show, nice conversation piece Hydroponic Garden vs Traditional Garden A hydroponic garden can yield the same amount of fresh produce in a few square feet, that a traditional garden can grow in forty square feet. That is a lot of space savings, especially if you don’t have the space. A traditional garden requires several hours of work each week, where a hydroponic garden requires only minutes, saving you precious time. Another huge benefit to hydroponic gardens is that they require less water per plant, as the garden is a closed environment so that there is no water waste, and the water gets recirculated and continuously re-used. In a traditional garden, there is a lot of wasted water, and the water soaks into the soil, requiring you to water weekly and sometimes daily in the warmer months. The hydroponic garden uses less than a gallon of water per plant in total, while the traditional garden will require over twenty gallons of water per plant. There is also a huge financial savings with a hydroponic garden. A traditional garden requires a year one investment of around fifteen hundred dollars, while a hydroponic garden investment is around five hundred dollars. Last, but not least, is the reliability of the garden. A traditional garden has a very low reliability average on each plant, requiring most gardeners to plant multiple plants in each plant spot to ensure that one of the plants will grow successfully. With a hydroponic garden, these plants are started with seedlings with a very high reliability, meaning that they are typically strong and healthy and most plants will grow successfully. The FarmStand Hydroponic Garden The FarmStand Hydroponic Garden, by Lettuce Grow, is a self watering, self fertilizing, self contained garden that can be grown indoors with the additional grow rings, or outdoors. It’s high tech design, with small it’s small size, make this garden the perfect garden for those that do not have a large backyard to grow a full garden, or for those that just want to have a nice small clean self sufficient garden, as well as those that would like to grow a garden indoors. The FarmStand Hydroponic Garden comes in five different sizes, to fit your exact gardening needs. Whether you are looking to have a garden for 12 plants, 18 plants, 24 plants, 30 plants, or a full 36 plants, there is a perfectly sized FarmStand Hydroponic Garden for you. If you woud like to grow your plants indoors you can also buy glow rings that will provide the growing light your growing plants need to grow at their best. When your garden arrives CHOOSE YOUR FARMSTAND The Farmstand Hydroponic Garden is available in five different sizes. The first step is to select which garden that you want to buy. CHOOSE YOUR SEEDLINGS The next step is to select your seedlings from over two hundred different greens, vegetables, fruits, and herbs that they have available. These seedlings give you a jump start in your garden with plants that are already growing and healthy. PLANT YOUR GARDEN The next step is to get your garden growing by setting up your hydroponic garden, adding water and nutrients, adding your seedling plants, and watch them grow. In as little as three weeks, your produce is ready to begin harvesting each week for your own fresh and healthy meals right from your own garden. Add Hydroponics to Your Garden Hydroponic gardens come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are a single rack system, some are multiple rack systems to take up less of a footprint. These three, four, and five tier rack systems from Bootstrap Farmer includes everything you need to setup and start growing. INCLUDES: 6500K T-5 LED Lights (4 per shelf) 1500-2700 GPH Water Pump Timers Cooling Fans 24/7 Aerators 1 Full-system Micro Filter Flush Valve Heavy Duty Ball Valves 38 Gallon Reservoir Disclosure: This post is brought to you by the Mendenhall Outdoors team. We highlight products and services that you might find interesting. We frequently receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test. This does not drive our decision as to whether or not a product is featured or recommended. If you click a link on this page, then go on to make a purchase, we might receive a commission – at no extra cost to you, and does not impact the purchase price of any products that you may purchase.
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