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Nothing beats the adrenaline of getting that bite on the end of your line! It all starts out with a thought that it’s time to go fishing. Then you start looking at the weather reports to figure out what day would be the best day to go, you start browsing the various Internet sites and fishing forums to plan where to go, what to use, whether to float your baits or sink them to the bottom, and anywhere in between. That’s where a website like Mendenhall Outdoors comes in. We gather all this information from our own research and family’s expeditions, and those from our friends, as well as the members of the Mendenhall Outdoors website and forum to help all of us have a place to go to help all of us plan our next adventure! Thank You for being a part of our online family! Fishing Gear Fishing Tackle and Gear Store Fishing, Hunting, and Camping Store General Information State Record Fish Catch World Record Fish Catch Fishing and Hunting Regulations by State Fishing Guides Guided Fishing Trips - Fishing Charters Fish Species Spotlight Trout Rainbow Trout Lightning Trout Brown Trout Lake Trout Mackinaw Landlocked Salmon Landlocked Kokanee Salmon Landlocked Coho Salmon Landlocked King Salmon Halibut Catching Halibut on the Beach or a Boat Bass Largemouth Bass Smallmouth Bass Spotted Bass Striped Bass - Striper Wiper Bass - Striper and White Bass Hybrid Catfish Channel Catfish Blue Catfish Flathead Catfish White Catfish Panfish Bluegill and Perch Black Crappie and White Crappie Walleye Fishing for Walleye Rock Cod - Lingcod - Cabezon Beach and Rock Fish from the Ocean Cabezon Rock Cod Kelp Greenling Ling Cod Surf Perch Perch, Surf Perch and Sea Perch Sturgeon Sturgeon Shellfish Crab SandCrab Fishing Technique Spotlight Trolling - Trout, Mackinaw, Stripers, and more! Using Mini Jigs to Catch Monster Trout Fishing with In-Line Planer Boards Fishing Gear Fishing Tackle and Gear Store Best Fishing Line In-Line Planer Boards Make a Stinger Hook for Trolling Fishing Bait Cure’s, Recipe’s, and Catching Your Own Brined & Dyed Bait Fish Recipe Catfish Chicken Liver Cure Recipe Catfish Dough Bait Recipe Catch Sand Crabs Fleas for Bait Floating or Sinking Trout Dough Bait Recipe Kokanee Shoepeg Corn Recipe Make Your Own Ghost Shrimp Pump Salted Squid for Rock Fishing or Beach Fishing Shrimp and Prawn Bait Cure Recipe Worm Farming - Growing Your Own Bait Fishing Locations Spotlight Arizona Freshwater Lake Havasu California Freshwater Bass Lake Big Bear Lake Caples Lake Folsom Lake Lake Almanor Lake Amador Lake Berryessa Lake Camanche Lake Elsinore Lake Havasu Lake Tahoe Pardee Reservoir Silver Lake Stumpy Meadows Reservoir Union Valley Reservoir California Coastal - Ocean - Beach Bodega Bay, CA Nevada Freshwater Lake Tahoe Family Spotlight Teaching Your Kids How to Fish Teaching Your Kids How to Catch Crabs Fishing Articles Ice Fishing Season - Ice Fishing Gear and Supplies Stay Cool Out on the Water on Long Hot Days Stay Warm and Comfy in the Chilly Outdoors Seafood and Bait Farming -Backyard Aquaculture Home Grown Bait - Raising Minnows - Plentiful Supply on Demand Home Raised Seafood - Growing Lobsters Home Raised Seafood - Growing Tilapia Seafood - Home Delivery Seafood - Recipes
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